01 Introduction To Cloud Computing
02 Set Up The Budget Alert In Microsoft Azure
03 Resource Group In Microsoft Azure
Sub Category: Virtual Machines
04 Virtual Machine In Microsoft Azure
05 Difference Between The Generation 1 And Generation 2 Virtual Machines
06 Types Of Virtual Machine In Microsoft Azure
07 Create A Virtual Machine In Azure Using Powershell
08 Create A Virtual Machine Using The Azure CLI
09 Serial Console In Virtual Machine In Azure
10 Run Command In Azure Virtual Machine
11 Restore The Backup Of A Virtual Machine To Another Virtual Machine In Azure
12 Perform Disaster Recovery In Case Of Virtual Machine Failover In Azure
13 Install A Log Analytics Workspace Agent On The Virtual Machine In Azure
14 Find The Username Of The Linux Virtual Machine Using Powershell
15 Update Management Of Azure Virtual Machines
16 Schedule The Automated Start And Stop Of The Virtual Machine In Azure
Sub Category: Virtual Machine Disk Drives
17 Default Disk Drives In Virtual Machines
18 Create A Data Disk In The Virtual Machine In Azure
Sub Category: App Services
19 App Service Plans In Azure
20 Enable Logging In App Services In Azure
21 Deployment Slots In App Service In Azure
22 Create The App Service Plan And App Service Using The CLI Script
23 Autoscale A Virtual Machine Instance In App Service Plan
24 Configure App Service With Virtual Networks In Azure
Sub Category: Storage Account
25 Introduction To The Storage Accounts In Azure
26 BLOB Storage In Azure
27 File Shares In The Storage Account In Azure
28 Azure Storage Explorer
29 Lifecycle Management In The Storage Account In Azure
30 Object Replication In A Storage Account In Azure
Sub Category: Others
31 Different Features Of Cloud Computing
32 Portal Settings In Microsoft Azure
33 Disk Drives In Microsoft Azure
34 Availability Options In Azure
35 Virtual Machine Scale Set In Azure
36 Dedicated Host And Dedicated Groups In Microsoft Azure
37 Install Azure Powershell Module
38 Connect To Azure Portal Using PowerShell
39 Add And Get The List Of Resource Group In Microsoft Azure
40 ARM In Azure
41 Tags In Microsoft Azure
42 Create Alerts In Microsoft Azure
43 Create Your First Bot In Microsoft Azure
44 Integrate Azure Bot On The Web Page
45 Integrate Azure Bot With Skype
46 Azure Management Groups
47 Advisor In Azure
48 Azure SQL Server Databases
49 Geo-Replication Of Azure SQL Database
50 Failover Group In Azure SQL
51 Key Vault In Azure
52 Secrets In The Key Vault In Microsoft Azure
53 Keys In The Key Vault In Microsoft Azure
54 Certificates In Key Vaults In Microsoft Azure
55 Azure Locks
56 Check The Quota Of Resources In A Particular Subscription In Microsoft Azure
57 Get The List Of Resource Groups Using The Bash Option In Cloud Shell
58 Create The Data Disk In Azure Using Powershell
59 Create A Snapshot Of The Data Disk From One Virtual Machine To Another In Azure
60 Custom Script Extension In Azure
61 Run A Custom Script From GitHub In The Linux Machine
62 Cloud-Init Provisioning Agents In Azure
63 Shared Disk In Azure
64 Azure Backup Service
65 Attach An Unmanaged Disk To A Virtual Machine In Azure
66 File Recovery Using The Azure Backup Service
67 Steps To Delete The Recovery Services Vault In Azure
68 MARS Agent In Azure
69 Shared Access Signature In Azure
70 Introduction To Azure AD Services
71 Users And Groups In Azure AD
72 Mapping Between The Tenant And The Subscription In Azure
73 Assign The Active Directory Role To A User In Azure
74 Add A Custom Domain In Azure Active Directory In Azure
75 Introduction To Virtual Network In Azure
76 Address Space In Azure Virtual Networks
77 Create Our First Virtual Network In Azure
78 Dissociate The Public IP Address In The Virtual Machine In Azure
79 Attach The Secondary Network Interface To A Virtual Machine In Azure
80 Introduction To Network Security Groups In Azure
81 Understand The Structure Of The ARM Template In Azure
82 Variables And Parameters In ARM
83 Virtual Network Peering In Azure
84 Proximity Placement Group In Azure
85 Load Balancer In Azure
86 Introduction To The Monitor Service In Azure
87 IP Flow Verify Tool Of The Network Watcher In Azure
88 Point Your Custom Domain To The Workload In The Virtual Machine In Azure
89 Different Access Levels Of The Container And Blobs In The Azure Storage Account
90 Move A Resource From One Resource Group To Another In Azure
91 Create Your Custom Virtual Machine Image In Azure
92 Introduction To The Policy In Azure
93 Backup Of One Web App And Restore It To The Other Web App In Azure
94 Install Docker Engine On The Virtual Machine
95 Container Groups In Azure
96 Add Kubernetes Cluster In Azure
97 Create The Kubernetes Cluster Using The CLI Commands
98 Inbound NAT Rules In Load Balancer
99 Jump Server In Azure
100 Azure Bastion
101 Introduction To Firewalls In Azure
102 Network Security Group At The Subnet Level In Azure
103 Impact Of Disabling The Network Security Group On The Virtual Machine In Azure
104 Priority Of Rules In NSG In Azure
105 Authenticate Storage Accounts Using The Azure Active Directory
106 Change The Replication Type Of The Storage Account In Azure
107 AD Join The Windows 10 Machine
108 Custom Roles In Azure
109 Dynamic Groups In Microsoft Azure Active Directory
110 Azure AD Roles And RBAC In Azure
111 Apply Locks To A Resource Group Using The ARM Template In Azure
112 Apply Locks On The Resource Group Using Powershell And CLI In Azure
113 Multi-Factor Authentication In Azure
114 Account Lockout Settings For MFA In Azure
115 Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) In Microsoft Azure
116 Identity Protection In Microsoft Azure
117 Ddos Protection Plan In Microsoft Azure
118 ASG (Application Security Group) In Microsoft Azure
119 Route Table In Azure
120 Whatif Command For Azure ARM
121 Run Automation Scripts In Azure Portal
122 Dashboard In The Azure Portal
123 Log Analytics Workspace In Azure
124 Query The Log Analytics Workspace In Azure
125 Create A Tenant In Microsoft Azure
126 Logical Operators In Logical Analytics Workspace Query In Azure
127 Configure The Agent To Send Data To Multiple Log Analytics Workspaces In Azure
128 Static Web Apps In Azure
129 Front Door And CDN Profile In Azure
130 Log A Web App In The Log Analytics Workspace In Azure
131 Publish An Asp.Net Website On Azure Using Visual Studio
132 Computer Groups In Azure Log Analytics
133 Collect Syslog Data From Linux Machines To Azure Log Analytics
134 Query Storage Account Logs In Azure Log Analytics
135 Azure Security Center
136 Install The Monitoring Solutions In Azure Log Analytics Workspace From Marketplace
137 Azure Storage Queues
138 Azure Service Bus
139 Azure Service Map
140 Function App In Microsoft Azure
141 Get The Azure Resources Based On The Tag Using Powershell
142 Export The SQL Server Database To The Azure Storage Account As A BACPAC File
143 Azure Cosmos DB
144 Import The BACPAC File To The Azure SQL Database
145 Traffic Manager In Microsoft Azure
146 Difference Between The Active Directory And Microsoft Entra ID