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Serial Console In Virtual Machine In Azure

What Is A Serial Console?

How To Write Commands In A Serial Console?

  1. Go to the Boot diagnostics
  2. Inside the Boot diagnostics, click on the Settings button
  3. Picture showing the Settings option inside the Boot Diagnostics
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  4. In the settings screen, select the option Enable the custom storage account
  5. Picture showing the Enable the custom storage account option in the settings option of the boot diagnostics
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  6. In the Diagnostics storage account dropdown, select the storage account. If you do not have a storage account, click on the Create new button
  7. A screen will appear on the right-hand side. Enter the storage account name and click on the Ok button
  8. Picture showing the screen to create the storage account
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  9. Once the storage account is created, it gets selected in the drop-down
  10. Picture showing the storage account selected for the boot diagnostic
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  11. Click on the Save button

Commands To Execute In The Serial Console

Picture showing the serial console screen for entering username and password
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Picture showing the command executed inside the serial console
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Posted On  -  Wednesday, April 21, 2021


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