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Portal Settings In Microsoft Azure

How To Open "Portal Settings"?

Picture showing the settings icon in Azure Portal.
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Tabs In Settings

  1. General - This tab contains the following options
    1. Sign me out when inactive → When enabled, this option log-out the user from the portal if the user is inactive for a certain time
    2. Choose your default view → Default view is the one that is shown to the user when logs in to the portal. You can select either of the 2 views
      1. Home
      2. Dashboard
    3. Choose your default mode of the portal menu - You can select either of these menu options
      1. Flyout - It means that the menu is hidden until we need it. We can click on three parallel lines to make them visible
      2. Docked - This type of menu is always visible
    4. Choose a theme - Specifies the theme of the portal
    5. High contrast theme - Specifies the high contrast theme. A high contrast theme uses a limited color palette with contrast colors to make the user interface easy to use
    6. Enable pop-up notifications
  2. Picture showing the General tab in settings.
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  3. Language & region - This section specifies the language and the regional format of the portal
  4. Picture showing the Language & Region tab in settings
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Posted On  -  Tuesday, September 29, 2020


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