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BLOB Storage In Azure

What Is A BLOB?

How To Create A BLOB?

  1. Create a storage account
  2. Inside the storage account, create a container
  3. Inside the container, upload the blob


  1. Go to the Storage Accounts and click on the + Add button
  2. Picture showing the Storage Accounts page with an add button for adding the new Storage Account
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  3. In the details screen, enter the details as mentioned in the figure below
  4. Picture showing the detail screen for adding the detail of Storage Account
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  5. Click on the Review + create button
  6. Once the validation is passed, the Create button will appear. Click on the button to create the storage account
  7. Once the storage account is created, click on the Containers button in the Overview section
  8. Picture showing the overview type of the storage accounts
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  9. In the next screen, click on the + Container button to create the container
  10. Picture showing the screen for adding the containers in the Storage Accounts
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  11. A screen will appear where you can enter the Name and the Public access level
  12. Picture showing a screen for adding the new container
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  13. Click on the Create button to create the container
  14. Inside the container, you have the option to upload the data
Picture showing the option to upload data within the container
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Different Types Of BLOB

  1. Block blobs → These are used to store text and binary data
  2. Append blobs → These are used for logging data
  3. Page blobs → These are used to store virtual hard disk files for virtual machines

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