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Create a virtual machine in Azure using PowerShell


new-azvm -name 'MyVM' -resourcegroup 'karan' -location 'eastus' -Credential (Get-Credential)

Picture showing the executed new-azvm command in powershell for creating a new virtual machine

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How to start and stop the virtual machine

start-azvm -name 'MyVM'

Picture showing the executed start-azvm command in powershell to start the virtual machine

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stop-azvm -name 'MyVM'

Creating all the components of a virtual machine using PowerShell

1. Create a subnet configuration
$demosubnetConfig = New-AzVirtualNetworkSubnetConfig -Name default -AddressPrefix
2. Create a new virtual network
$vnet = New-AzVirtualNetwork -ResourceGroupName rg -Location EastUS -Name demonetworknew -AddressPrefix -Subnet $demosubnetConfig
3. Create a public IP address
$demoip = New-AzPublicIpAddress -ResourceGroupName rg -Location EastUS -Name "demo-ip" -AllocationMethod Dynamic
4. Create a Network Security Group rule
$RuleConfig = New-AzNetworkSecurityRuleConfig -Name RuleRDP -Protocol Tcp -Direction Inbound -Priority 300 -SourceAddressPrefix "" -SourcePortRange * -DestinationAddressPrefix * -DestinationPortRange 3389 -Access Allow
5. Create a Network Security Group
$securitygroup = New-AzNetworkSecurityGroup -ResourceGroupName rg -Location EastUS -Name demonsg -SecurityRules $RuleConfig
6. Create the network interface
$nic = New-AzNetworkInterface -Name demonetworkcard123 -ResourceGroupName rg -Location EastUS -SubnetId $vnet.Subnets[0].Id -PublicIpAddressId $demoip.Id -NetworkSecurityGroupId $securitygroup.Id
7. Prompt for the Account credentials for the virtual machine
$cred = Get-Credential
8. Create the virtual machine configuration
$vmConfig = New-AzVMConfig -VMName demovm -VMSize Standard_D2s_v3 | Set-AzVMOperatingSystem -Windows -ComputerName demovm -Credential $cred | Set-AzVMSourceImage -PublisherName MicrosoftWindowsServer -Offer WindowsServer -Skus 2016-Datacenter -Version latest | Add-AzVMNetworkInterface -Id $nic.Id
9. Create the virtual machine
New-AzVM -ResourceGroupName rg -Location EastUS -VM $vmConfig

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Posted On  -  Tuesday, October 6, 2020
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