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Introduction to Cloud Computing

System Resources

How to own a resource?

Cloud computing

Categories of cloud computing

Real world analogy of Cloud computing categories

Picture showing the analogy of cloud computing category with real world analogy

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OptionAnalogous to
Drive your own car - You have the flexibility of taking the route you want.You have to take care of the right route and the traffic signalsIAAS. Because you are required to manage the infrastructure.Example - Virtual Machine
Book a cab - You don’t have to worry about the routes and traffic signals.You have the flexibility to ask the cab driver to move the cab beyond your destination.PAAS. Because you aren't required to manage the infrastructure. You can build and deploy your application.Example - App service.
Use public transport like busThe public transport has a fixed path and you don’t have any option for any route change.SAAS. Because you can use the application created by the vendor. You don’t have the option for any customization. Example - Gmail, Dropbox etc.

Types of cloud network

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