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articles and sections in HTML5

Software requirement

Technical knowledge

Semantic HTML

Benefit of using semantic HTML

Semantic HTML Vs Presentational HTML

‘article’ and ‘section’ markups?

Article on global warming

Subheading 1
Content 1

Subheading 2
Content 2

Subheading 3
Content 3

	<h1>Article on global warming</h1>
		<h2>Subheading 1</h2>
		<p>Content 1</p>
		<h2>Subheading 2</h2>
		<p>Content 3</p>
		<h2>Subheading 3</h2>
		<p>Content 3</p>

Picture showing the output of article and section tag

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How ‘div’ is different from ‘article’ and ‘section’ markups?

Browser support

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