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Install Flutter For Windows

System Requirements

  1. Operating system: Windows 7 SP1 or later (64 bit).
  2. Disk space: 400 MB.
  3. Tools: Windows PowerShell 5.0 (or newer) and Git (You can visit for installing instructions).

Download And Install Flutter

  1. Go to the URL –
  2. Click on the button ‘Get started’ on the top right hand side of the screen.
  3. Picture showing the website to download flutter
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  4. The page will be navigated to the install page. On the install page, click on ‘Windows’ button.
  5. Picture showing the page with different downloads based on the operating system
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  6. Download flutter from the following URL - Please note that URL might change.
  7. Extract the content in the desired folder. For example, I am extracting all contents in ‘c:\flutter’. Please note that while extracting the files, please make sure that you copy the hidden files as well.

Update The Path

  1. Open command prompt.
  2. Write the following command
  3. Path = c:\flutter\bin

Flutter Doctor Command

Flutter doctor

Install Android Studio

Install Google USB Driver

  1. Open android studio.
  2. Go to Tools → SDK Manager. Following window will appear
  3. Picture showing the SDK Manager popup window
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  4. Click on ‘SDK Tools’ tab and select ‘Google USB driver’
  5. Picture showing enabling the Google USB Driver option in SDK Manager
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  6. Click ‘Apply’ to install.

Creating And Updating Environment Variables

Picture showing adding ANDROID_HOME in the path variable
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Picture showing adding the path in the environment variables
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Installing Flutter And Dart Plug In

  1. Open android studio.
  2. Go to File → Settings. Following window will appear
  3. Picture showing the window to install flutter plugin
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  4. Click on install button to install Flutter. In the similar way, you can also install Dart.

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Posted By  -  Karan Gupta
Posted On  -  Monday, July 22, 2019


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