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Create A Read Replica In AWS RDS


Why Do We Need To Create The “Read Replica” Of The Database?

  1. It helps in disaster recovery in case of database failover
  2. It is easy to migrate from one data center to another

What Are The Database Instances For Which Read Replicas Can Be Created?

How To Create A "Read Replica"?

Picture showing the Create read replica option for creating the read replica
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Picture showing the create read replica screen
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Picture showing the read replica created for MySQL database
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How Does Read Replica Work?

Difference Between Multi-AZ and Read Replicas

Multi-AZ DeploymentsRead Replicas
Synchronous Replication – highly durableAsynchronous replication – highly scalable
Only the database engine on the primary instance is activeAll read replicas are accessible and can be used for read scaling
Automated backups are taken from standbyNo backups configured by default
Always span two availability zones within a single regionCan be within an Availability Zone, Cross-AZ, or Cross-Region
Database engine version upgrades happen on the primaryDatabase engine version upgrade is independent of the source instance
Automatic failover to standby when a problem is detectedCan be manually promoted to a standalone database instance

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Posted On  -  Wednesday, December 15, 2021
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