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Variable Datatypes In Uipath

Variable Panel

Picture showing the variable panel in the UIPath Studio
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  1. Name – Here we specify the name of the variable
  2. Variable Type - Here we specify the data type of the variable
  3. Scope – Scope specifies the area in which the variable is available
  4. Default – Default value of the variable


  1. Boolean - A Boolean expresses the truth value of logic or variables. The value can either be true or false
  2. Int32 - Integer data type is for specifying numeric value without decimal
  3. String - String data type represents textual data
  4. Object – Represents generic data type that can stored data of any data type
  5. Array of.. – An array represents a collection. Using this data type, you can create the collection of string, int32, Boolean etc. If you select this data type, a window will come to select the data type of the collection
  6. Picture showing a window for selecting the type when Array of.. option is selected for the variable
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Browse Of Types…

Picture showing the Browse of types… window for selecting the .net class
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