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Try Catch Activity In Uipath


  1. Try - Here, exception prone code will come.
  2. Catch - Here, the action takes place (display or ignore exception) when an exception occurs.
  3. Finally - This is the section which gets executed whether the exception occurs or does not occur.


  1. Drag and drop the "Try Catch" activity.
  2. Inside the try block, drag and drop the "Open Application" activity.
  3. Inside the "Open Application" activity, open the notepad application.
  4. Picture showing the open application activity inside the try block

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  5. To make it an error prone activity, go to the selector of "Open Application" and make the application name as "notepad1.exe" instead of "notepad.exe".
  6. Picture showing the selector editor with the application name changes from notepad to notepad1

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  7. In the catch block, select the exception type.
  8. Picture showing the Catch block to select the type of exception

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  9. Drag and drop the "Message Box" inside the catches.
  10. Picture showing the message box inside the catch block

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  11. In the finally section, drag and drop the "Message Box" activity.
  12. Picture showing the message box inside the finally block

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  13. Save and run the bot.


Picture showing the execution of catch block when an exception occurs and the finally block

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Posted By  -  Karan Gupta
Posted On  -  Friday, February 19, 2021


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