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Throw Activity In Uipath



  1. Drag and drop the "try-catch" activity in UiPath
  2. In the try block
    1. Get the file name in the "FileName" variable
    2. Check if the file name starts with the word "gyan" using the "if" activity
    3. If the file name starts with the word "gyan" then read the text file using the "Read Text File" activity
    4. Else throw an exception using the "throw" activity
    5. Picture showing the try-catch block with throw activity inside the try block
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  3. In the catch block
    1. Select the exception type as "System.Exception"
    2. Show the exception using the message box
    3. Picture showing the catch block to catch the exception raised by throw activity in try block
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  4. Save and run the bot


Picture showing the message box to display the exception message
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Posted By  -  Karan Gupta
Posted On  -  Monday, March 15, 2021


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