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Screen Scraping In Uipath



  1. Click on the "Screen Scraping" icon on the top bar of the UiPath studio
  2. Picture showing the Screen Scraping icon in UiPath studio
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  3. A window will appear to select the UI element
  4. Picture showing the window to select the UI element
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  5. The element is selected and the text is displayed in the "Scrape Result Preview" window
  6. Picture showing the Scrape Result Preview window with the text
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  7. Click on "Finish" to complete the process
  8. Screen scraping is added in the designer pane
  9. Set the output to a variable in the properties window
  10. Picture showing assigning the value to the output variable in the Properties window
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  11. Finally, display the value in the message box
  12. Picture showing displaying the output variable in the message box
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  13. Save and run the bot


Picture showing the output of the Screen Scraping in UiPath
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Scraping Methods

  1. Full-text
    1. Extracts hidden text
    2. Cannot extract data from screen coordinates
    3. Fastest and most accurate
    4. Works in the background
    5. Works only with the desktop application
  2. Native
    1. Extracts the text from the screen coordinates
    2. No background execution
  3. OCR → This method is useful for extracting those texts that could not be extracted by the above 2 methods

Posted By  -  Karan Gupta
Posted On  -  Friday, January 29, 2021
Updated On  -  Monday, February 1, 2021


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