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Open Google Map In Microsoft Bot Framework

Generate API Key

  1. Go to the URL -
  2. Scroll down and you will get the instructions.
  3. Picture showing the steps for creating the API key
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  4. Click on the "Go to the Credentials Page" button.
  5. On the credentials page, you will see the list of the projects.
  6. Picture showing the list of projects in Credentails screen
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  7. Click on any project to go to the details screen.
  8. In the details screen, click on "+ Create Credentials" → "API Key".
  9. Picture showing the menu option for API key generation
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  10. A popup window will appear with the generated API key.
  11. Picture showing a popup window with generated API key
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  12. Copy the key and close the window.

Code In Bot Project

var images = new List <CardImage> ();
HeroCard _card = new HeroCard();
string apiKey = "<your_generated_api_key>";
string storeAddress = "Banaras";
  new CardImage($"{apiKey}&format=png&visual_refresh=true&markers=size:mid%10Ccolor:0xff0000%7Clabel:1%7C" + storeAddress));

var buttons = new List < CardAction > ();

buttons.Add(new CardAction(ActionTypes.OpenUrl, "Directions", value: $ "{"

_card.Buttons = buttons;
_card.Images = images;

await turnContext.SendActivityAsync(MessageFactory.Attachment(_card.ToAttachment()), cancellationToken);


Picture showing the Google map on the chat bot
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Posted By  -  Karan Gupta
Posted On  -  Thursday, February 11, 2021


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