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Mathematical Functions In Python

Mathematical Functions

Absabs function is used to find the absolute value of the number. The output of the absolute is always positive
CeilThis function is used to round up the number
FloorThis function is used to round down the number
PowThis method returns x raised to the power of y


import math

print ("Absolute value of  -25 is ", abs(-25))
print ("Round up of value  2.35 is  ", math.ceil(2.35))
print ("Round up of value  -2.35 is  ", math.ceil(-2.35))
print ("Round down of value  2.35 is  ", math.floor(2.35))
print ("Round down of value  -2.35 is  ", math.floor(-2.35))
print ("3 raise to the power 4 is   ", pow(3,4))


Picture showing the output of abs, math.ceil, math.floor and pow function in python

Posted By  -  Karan Gupta
Posted On  -  Tuesday, February 19, 2019


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