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Logcat in android

What is logcat?

Log class

How to open logcat window?

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Format of log messages

<Date> <Time> <process_id>-<thread id>/ <Priority>/<tag>:<message>


PriorityMeaningLog function syntax
VVerboseLog.v(tag, message);
DDebugLog.d(tag, message);
IInfoLog.i(tag, message);
WWarningLog.w(tag, message);
EErrorLog.e(tag, message);, message);


Log.v("verbose_tag", "This is the verbose tag");
Log.d("debug_tag", "This is the debug tag");
Log.i("info_tag", "This is the info tag");
Log.w("warning_tag", "This is the warning tag");
Log.e("error_tag", "This is the error tag");"assert_tag", "This is the assert tag");

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Important components of logcat window

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Posted On  -  Friday, November 29, 2019


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