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List in python

What is list?


Variable_name = [item1, item2…..]


classmates = ["Karan","sumit","amit”]

Picture showing the output of the list in th python

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Accessing the individual elements in list

classmates = ["Karan","sumit","amit"]
print (classmates[0])
print (classmates[1])
print (classmates[2])

Picture showing accesing the elements of the list individually

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Changing the value of list

classmates = ["Karan","sumit","amit"]


classmates[1] = "Tarun"


Picture showing how to change the value of the list in python

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Creating a list of multiple data types

persondata = ["Karan" , 35, "India",12.5]


Picture showing how to create a list of multiple data types

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Accessing nested list in python


nested_list = [1,2,[3,4]]
print("Element in nested list:", nested_list[2][0], " and ", nested_list[2][1])

Picture showing how the nested list is accessed in python

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Empty list

empty_list = []

print("Display empty list:", empty_list)

Picture showing the empty list in python

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