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Intrinsic Database In Lightswitch 2011

Software Requirement

  1. Visual studio 2010 is installed on your machine.
  2. Visual Studio 2010 service pack 1 is installed on your machine.
  3. Microsoft Visual Studio Light switch 2011 is installed on your machine.
  4. Silverlight runtime version 4 or 5 is installed on your machine

Prerequisite Knowledge

  1. How to create a new project using visual studio?
  2. Basic knowledge about SQL server and its objects like tables etc
  3. What are screens and entities in lightswitch?
  4. How to create a screen in lightswitch application?

Steps Of Execution

  1. Create a new project
  2. Add table in the project
  3. How to connect to intrinsic database
  4. Check intrinsic database

Create A New Project

Picture showing the project structure of the lightswitch application in solution explorer
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Add Table In The Project

Picture showing the Person table in the design view of the lightswitch designer
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How To Connect To Intrinsic Database

Picture showing the intrinsic database created on the local drive when the project is compiled
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  1. First of all open SSMS in administrator mode. You can do that by right click on SSMS icon and select ‘Run as administrator’
  2. Picture showing opening the SSMS in the admin mode
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  3. Once you click on the option a popup appears asking you for your confirmation. Click on Yes and your SSMS opens in an administrative mode.
  4. Once you open the database right click on the database and click on Attach as shown in figure below
  5. Picture showing an option to attach the intrinsic database in SSMS
    Click to Enlarge

  6. A pop up window appears to select the mdf file. Select the file from ‘$(projectdir)\bin\data ‘ location as mentioned in last section.
  7. Once you select the file a database is added in your list.

Check Intrinsic Database

Picture showing the list of database objects of the intrinsic database
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Posted By  -  Karan Gupta
Posted On  -  Thursday, August 8, 2013


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