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Image Recorder In Uipath


  1. Captures the image
  2. Searches the image on screen
  3. Performs automation on it

How To Open An Image Recorder In Uipath?

Picture showing the Image option inside the Recording menu in UiPath studio
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Picture showing the Image recorder in UiPath studio
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Picture showing the notepad to be read using the image recorder
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  1. Click on the "Select & Copy" option in the image recorder
  2. Select the notepad
  3. Click on the "Save & Exit" button of the image recorder
  4. You can see the added activities on the designer pane
  5. Picture showing the list of activities of the Image recorder in the designer pane
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  6. If you check the properties of the "Copy Selected text" activity. You can see the text is copied in the "CopySelectedText1" variable
  7. Picture showing the properties window of the Copy Selected text activity
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  8. Finally, display the value in the message box
  9. Picture showing the message box to display the value of the CopySelectedText1 variable
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  10. Save and run the bot


Picture showing the output of the Image recorder in UiPath
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Posted By  -  Karan Gupta
Posted On  -  Friday, January 29, 2021


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