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Flow Switch Activity In Uipath



  1. Drag and drop the "Input Dialog" activity. The purpose is to get the value from the user. Based on the value entered by the user, we will perform different actions using the "Flow Switch" activity
  2. Set the output of the "Input Dialog" activity to the string variable "opt"
  3. Picture showing the properties window of the input dialog in UiPath
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  4. Drag and drop the "Flow Switch" activity. Each "Flow Switch" activity contains multiple points or nodes on each side. These points or nodes are visible only when the mouse is hovered over the "Flow Switch" activity
  5. Picture showing the Flow Switch activity with multiple points
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  6. Attach three message boxes. In the "Flow Switch" activity, an arrow signifies the association
  7. Picture showing the message box attached to the Flow Switch activity
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  8. Click on the arrow and set the value of the "case" attribute to "A" and "B" for 2 message boxes
  9. Finally, set the "Expression" attribute of the "Flow Switch" activity to the variable "opt". It means that which message box to invoke depends upon the value of the "opt" variable
  10. Picture showing the properties of the cases of the Flow Switch activity
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  11. Save and run the bot


Picture showing the output of the Flow Switch activity
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Posted By  -  Karan Gupta
Posted On  -  Saturday, February 13, 2021


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