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Create A VPC In AWS

What Is A VPC?

Components Of A VPC

  1. Virtual Private Cloud → A logically isolated virtual network in the AWS cloud
  2. Subnet → A segment of a VPC’s IP address range where you can place groups of isolated resources
  3. Internet Gateway → The component of Amazon VPC for connecting to the public Internet
  4. NAT Gateway → A highly available, managed Network Address Translation (NAT) service for your resources in a private subnet to access the Internet
  5. Virtual Private Gateway → The Amazon VPC side of a VPN connection
  6. Customer Gateway: Your side of a VPN connection
  7. Router → Routers interconnect subnets and direct traffic between Internet gateways, virtual private gateways, NAT gateways, and subnets
  8. Peering Connection → A peering connection allows 2 VPCs to talk over private IP address
  9. VPC Endpoints → Enables private connectivity to services hosted in AWS, from within your VPC without using an Internet Gateway, VPN, Network Address Translation (NAT) devices, or firewall proxies.
  10. Egress-only Internet Gateway → A stateful gateway to provide egress only access for IPv6 traffic from the VPC to the Internet.

How To Create VPC?

Picture showing the VPC service in the search result of the AWS console
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Picture showing Your VPCs menu on the left-hand side
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Picture showing the Create VPC button for creating the new VPC
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Picture showing the create VPC screen in AWS console
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Picture showing the VPC gets created in AWS console
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How Many VPC You Can Create In A Single Region?

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