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Change Cell Into Drop Down List In Excel 2007

Software Requirement

Prerequisite Knowledge

Create Sample Data

Picture showing the sample excel file with the list of students
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  1. Enter the class name by typing text.
  2. Select the class name from drop down.

  1. You have to remember class name
  2. Data entered by you may contain spelling mistakes
  3. You may enter data in different cases (like some classes in uppercase and some in lowercase) which doesn’t look professional.

Create Drop Down List

  1. First of all add all the classes in a column which you want in the drop down list
  2. Picture showing the list of classes to be added in the dropdown
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  3. Select the first cell where you want a drop down. In this case we will select a cell next to ‘Ramesh’.
  4. Click on ‘Data Validation’ button in ‘Data’ ribbon group.
  5. Picture showing the Data Validation button for adding the dropdown
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  6. Once you click on the button, a drop down appears as shown in figure above. Click on ‘Data Validation…’
  7. Once you click on that a pop up appears as shown in figure below. From the ‘Allow:’ drop down select ‘List’
  8. Picture showing the data validation popup for selecting the validation criteria
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  9. From the ‘Source:’ field click on button on the right hand side of textbox to select range of values.
  10. Picture showing the button for selecting the source of data for the dropdown
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  11. Select the range of values and click on the button as shown in figure below
  12. Picture showing selecting the range from the excel file
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  13. Once you click on the button you could see selected range. See the figure below
  14. Picture showing the data source selected in the data validation window
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  15. Click on Ok.


Picture showing the dropdown in the first cell
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Picture showing dragging the first cell to implement dropdown in other cells
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Posted By  -  Karan Gupta
Posted On  -  Friday, June 27, 2014


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