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Automation Anywhere Enterprise 11 New Features And Enhancements

  1. Workload Management – To support industrial-scale automation, Enterprise 11 includes Workload Management (WLM). Much more than a queue management system, WLM has been designed from the ground up to meet enterprise-class service level agreement (SLA) demands by allowing enterprises to manually prioritize high-value tasks and processes. WLM has built-in SLA calculators and an RPA-as-a-Service capability through integration with BotFarm™ – the industry’s first and only bots-on-demand platform that enables bots to be spun up to meet increased demands as and when needed. WLM empowers enterprises to optimize both digital and human workforce resources to meet even the most dynamic SLA demands.
  2. Business Continuity with High Availability (HA)/Disaster Recovery (DR) – In Enterprise 11, full-fledged HA/DR builds on the existing foundation to make DR a non-issue for enterprises. Typical business continuity (BC) solutions only provide recovery at the server level. HA/DR in Enterprise 11 provides recovery protection down to the bot level and across multiple locations.
  3. Cloud-ready Architecture – Enterprise 11 can be installed on-premises or on the leading cloud platforms, such as AWS and Microsoft Azure. These cloud platforms provide infinite scale and flexibility, offering the best range of options to meet the highly demanding deployment needs of large enterprises.
  4. Credential Vault 2.0 with Locker Management – Delivering bank-grade credential security, Lockers in Enterprise 11 can be used to manage any data deemed sensitive (such as user credentials, account number, and social security numbers). Passwords and other sensitive information are not stored on the client machine. Instead all data is encrypted using AES-256 and RSA-2048 algorithms and stored in the vault after salting.
  5. CyberArk™ Integration – Enterprise 11 includes integration with CyberArk, a leader in privileged account security that lists more than half of Fortune 100 companies as its customers. This third-party vault integration is a secure and convenient storage solution for sensitive data including user credentials.
  6. WorkBench – a unified automation authoring environment for Automation Anywhere’s TaskBots and MetaBots
  7. Support for Windows 10 and Windows 64-bit
  8. Support for best-of-breed OCR engines • Credential Vault application programming interfaces (APIs)
  9. Automation Lifecycle Management APIs
  10. Double-Byte Character Set (DBCS) support for international languages

Posted By  -  Sandeep Dhanda
Posted On  -  Monday, June 10, 2019


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