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Articles And Sections In Html5

Software Requirement

  1. Any text editor like notepad for writing code
  2. Any browser which supports HTML 5

Technical Knowledge

Semantic HTML

Benefit Of Using Semantic HTML

  1. Semantic HTML is easy to understand and maintain
  2. Semantic HTML enables effective search engine optimization

Semantic HTML Vs Presentational HTML

‘Article’ And ‘Section’ Markups?

  1. Section → If the enclosed contents are related then we use section
  2. Article → If the enclosed contents are independent then we use the article

Article on global warming

Subheading 1
Content 1

Subheading 2
Content 2

Subheading 3
Content 3

	<h1>Article on global warming</h1>
		<h2>Subheading 1</h2>
		<p>Content 1</p>
		<h2>Subheading 2</h2>
		<p>Content 3</p>
		<h2>Subheading 3</h2>
		<p>Content 3</p>


Picture showing the output of article and section tag

Click to Enlarge

How ‘Div’ Is Different From ‘Article’ And ‘Section’ Markups?

  1. div should be used for styling purposes (by applying CSS) whereas article and section should not be used for styling purposes.
  2. If the contents are not related to each other then div markup should be used whereas if the content is related then we should use article or section markups

Browser Support

Internet ExplorerFirefoxChromeSafariOperaEdge


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